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Clock Repair 101: Troubleshooting a Broken Mechanical Clock

Posted by Scott DeSmith on Jan 4, 2017 10:20:43 AM

Let's face it, as we all know, nothing lasts forever. Every machine,  no matter how reliable, eventually has issues with functionality. Whether it's a quick fix or a major problem, at some point you will need to decide whether or not you want to maintain or replace your machine. Mechanical clocks are no different. Here are some steps you can take to determine if you should repair or replace a broken clock.

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How Do I Replace My Synchronized Clock Motor? [VIDEO]

Posted by Scott DeSmith on Dec 21, 2016 9:01:50 AM

To get your clocks ticking again, refer to this step-by-step video on how to replace a synchronized clock motor and achieve accurate time.

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Clock Repair Tips: Understanding Your Clock Type [VIDEO]

Posted by Scott DeSmith on Nov 9, 2016 11:22:48 AM

Just because your clock breaks, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run out and buy a new one. There are plenty of repair parts available for almost every kind of clock. American Time stocks parts for clocks manufactured as far back as the 1940’s. But the first step to clock repair is understanding the type of clock you have. There are many different clocks available, all with different features and options. So how do you know what type of clock you have? American Time’s Scott DeSmith gives you an overview to help simplify the repair process:

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Why Buy New? Clock Replacement Parts Turn Back Time

Posted by Aron Levandowski on Oct 26, 2016 9:07:49 AM

Let’s face it: All things will eventually become old and break down, and your synchronized clock system is no exception. But the good news is that many replacement parts are available, making it easy to fix a legacy system and save you money and time. So whether you want to keep an old system in working order, or save an older clock, why buy new? See how clock replacement parts turn back time!

Standardized Clock Parts

If you have an old clock system that needs repair, just look on the dial for the manufacturer’s name. The odds are good that it’s a Simplex clock, model 2310 or 6310, as these were the standard for synchronized clocks for many years.

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Help! I Need to Re-program My Bell Schedule!

Posted by Janelle Carroll on Sep 15, 2015 12:00:00 PM

I enjoy helping people with their tech issues. With the students heading back to school, Carmen and I have handled several urgent calls from schools trying to program (or re-program) the bell schedules.

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How to Find Your Synchron Motor Replacement

Posted by Carmen Dimond on Sep 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM

We get calls every day from folks searching for Hansen Synchron Motors. We’re able to bring their search to an end because we stock many different types of Hansen motors and movements.

When customers call for a replacement motor, they are often holding the motor they need to replace. We ask them for the information printed on the side of the motor, including voltage, speed and model number. This information is also included on our website.

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Please Leave The Clocks Alone

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Aug 25, 2015 8:30:00 AM

The clock experts receive great questions all day, every day from customers.  I've heard these same questions throughout the years, so I'm sharing the problems and solutions today.

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Repair Your Clocks This Summer

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Jul 14, 2015 1:23:00 PM

School summertime maintenance often includes repairing the clocks. During our first session of Clock School on June 25th, attendees learned the thought process of what I like to call “When to Fix It and When to Nix It.” If you’re trying to keep your existing wired clock system running, we have a few options.

1. Send the clocks in to American Time for repair. Our repair shop will repair, clean and send your clocks back to you in a timely manner. And you have a choice between a clock repair with a mechanical movement (2 year warranty) or an AllSync Plus circuit board movement (3 year warranty).

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American Time Releases Newest Master Clock Catalog

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Jun 9, 2015 7:47:00 PM

Our 2016 Master Catalog — the most comprehensive timekeeping resource available — has been released! 

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