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Please Leave The Clocks Alone

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Aug 25, 2015 8:30:00 AM

The clock experts receive great questions all day, every day from customers.  I've heard these same questions throughout the years, so I'm sharing the problems and solutions today.

"Hello, I have a couple questions regarding the Wi-Fi clocks. How does the security bracket hanger work? Is it visible from the front side of the clock? And how difficult is it to tamper with the dials on the back of the clock? We are looking for a solution where the clocks are synchronized with our network, and the time cannot be changed by any employees, guests, etc. We seem to have a problem with people changing the clock times in our warehouse. Thank you in advance for the help!"

Ok, let's take this one at a time. The tamper-resistant bracket mounts to the wall with screws, so it isn't visible at all from the front of the clock.

The hanger on the clock fits over the hanger on the bracket and a screw is tightened through a hole at the bottom of the clock. This is only tamper bracket I'm aware of that requires tools to remove the clock from the wall. The tamper bracket is specifically designed for our plastic and steel case clocks.

As for tampering with the reset on the back of the clock, we have several clocks that don't have any knobs, buttons or switches to move the hands. If the clock receives the time with a radio signal, wireless signal, or Wi-Fi, then it's not possible to adjust the time manually. The photo shows the back of a Wi-Fi clock.


So, there are two solutions for this customer. The warehouse staff can't get the Wi-Fi clocks off the wall and they can't manually adjust the time.

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