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Repair Your Clocks This Summer

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Jul 14, 2015 1:23:00 PM

School summertime maintenance often includes repairing the clocks. During our first session of Clock School on June 25th, attendees learned the thought process of what I like to call “When to Fix It and When to Nix It.” If you’re trying to keep your existing wired clock system running, we have a few options.broken_clock

1. Send the clocks in to American Time for repair. Our repair shop will repair, clean and send your clocks back to you in a timely manner. And you have a choice between a clock repair with a mechanical movement (2 year warranty) or an AllSync Plus circuit board movement (3 year warranty).

2. Repair the clocks yourself. Many school districts have one or two people on staff with an electrical or mechanical background. Repairing a clock isn’t hard if you have the right replacement parts that match your clock system. We see purchase orders this time of year in case quantities of 50+ motor movements from school districts that have saved up their repairs during the school year and someone is planning to take the time to get all of the clocks working again. You automatically save $7 on each movement when you buy in quantities of 50 or more. And, if you have the movements in stock, you don’t have to let the clocks pile up during the school year. You can fix them as needed.

3. Replace the clocks. I believe in reduce-reuse-recycle as often as possible, but you might be at the point where it just doesn’t make sense to fix a clock. An AllSync Plus replacement clock comes with a 5 year warranty and uses up to 80% less energy than a mechanical clock.

If you aren’t sure which option makes the most sense, give a clock expert a call at 800-328-8996 and describe your situation. With over 26,000 items to choose from, we have what you need.

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