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How Evolving Technology Enhances Synchronized Digital Clocks

Posted by American Time on Jul 25, 2018 8:56:02 AM

Technology is like sand on the beach. It has a way of getting everywhere.

There was a time when a phone was just a phone and a TV was just a TV, but technological advances have ways of seeping into the everyday objects around us. We have smartphones, smart TVs, even smart toasters. This also extends to clocks.

Advances in timekeeping have made it easier for people to manage and tell time, but some digital clocks are now portals to the outside world.

Here are some functions beyond the basics of timekeeping that can be integrated into a synchronized digital clock system:

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Set the Standard: How To Ensure Accurate Clock Synchronization

Posted by American Time on Jul 11, 2018 11:01:03 AM

For anyone who takes direction from someone else — so, virtually all of us — it can be comforting to realize that your boss has a boss.

You might be told what to do every day and work under intense scrutiny, but the person scrutinizing you is also under pressure. See? Your boss is human, too.

But not all authority figures are human. Take, for instance, the clock on the wall. In a time-sensitive scenario, the clock is your boss, and if it's part of a synchronized system, the time it displays supersedes all other competing sources, such as phones or computers.

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Wire Guards: Protect Your Clocks

Posted by American Time on Jun 13, 2018 2:13:54 PM

Clocks and wire guards go hand in hand. It's like buying a screen protector for your cellphone. Installing a synchronized time system is an investment that most organizations will expect to see a return on. The best way to ensure this is to buy wire guards to protect your clocks. This will make sure your organization always stays on time. 

There are two primary types of guards: metal and polycarbonate. Metal is the traditional wire guard with steel rods. Polycarbonate is a clear and hard material that can either cover the entire clock, or be open on the sides. Which ever one you choose, there are many situations where a wire guard is necessary. 

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What Clock System is Best for My College Campus?

Posted by American Time on Jun 6, 2018 9:27:39 AM

When you think of choreography, you probably picture your favorite music video or your kid's dance recital, or anything with a lot of synchronized twists, steps, and spins.

But there are a lot of things that have to be choreographed, such as a typical day on a college campus. It can be a beautiful thing to watch the teeming masses scurry across a stately campus in the pursuit of knowledge, and like any graceful production, it requires an eye for detail.

When you think about the clock system that ties your campus schedule together, one detail you must consider is which type of clock you should install. Also, it's important to know that in the world of synchronized clocks, Wi-Fi and wireless mean two different things. Let's explore which type of clock works best for you, depending on the size of your campus.

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What Specs Do I Need for a PoE System?

Posted by American Time on May 23, 2018 4:08:32 PM

Have you ever taken on a major project in your home and wished you could just start from scratch and rebuild the house from the ground up?

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3 Reasons to Choose Digital Clocks for Manufacturing

Posted by American Time on May 17, 2018 10:03:13 AM

Remember in “Back to the Future” when they're in the mall parking lot and Doc is testing his DeLorean? As the contraption speeds up to 88 miles per hour before disappearing into the void, Doc isn't just ripping a hole in space and time, but demonstrating the value of an accurate digital display.

As Doc operates the vehicle with his remote control — with Marty watching wide-eyed and poor Einstein the dog sitting in driver's seat — the rising tension centers on the controller's LED readout as the DeLorean's speed creeps up toward that transcendent threshold.

There's a reason Doc didn't rely on an analog display as the exotic sports car hurdles toward him and young Marty. In the process of making the most important scientific breakthrough in the history of human civilization, Doc knows the value of precision.

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Network Clock Systems: Which is Best for My Building?

Posted by American Time on May 2, 2018 10:22:26 AM

Did you ever realize how many choices you actually make while deciding what to have for dinner?

It shouldn't be that hard of a question, but the number of options available mean life is never that simple. If you want spaghetti, for instance, you have to decide what sauce, seasoning, ingredients, sides, and beverages you want. Then, you decide whether you want to cook it, get take-out, or dine out.

The stakes aren't high for a decision like this. Maybe a little indigestion, but it won't cause long-term headaches or lost opportunity. Deciding which synchronized clock system to buy for your facility, however, could have longer-lasting ramifications.

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How Synchronized Clocks Help with FDA Compliance in Food Manufacturing

Posted by American Time on Apr 25, 2018 9:24:16 AM

Any amateur cook knows the importance of timing. Just a minute can mean the difference between al dente or soggy, raw or rare, caramelized or burnt.

At home, your oven timer works just fine, but if you're churning out food by the truckload, things get more complicated. You're heating, cooling, sterilizing and packaging — all part of a process that leaves little room for error, and that includes food safety.

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What Size Clock System Controller Do I Need?

Posted by American Time on Apr 11, 2018 12:29:16 PM

How many times have you had to return a new shirt or a pair of jeans?

Sometimes the clothes just don't look right when you get home from the store. Maybe that's due to different lighting or the store's trick mirrors. Or, maybe your clothes just don't fit the same as you thought they would. After all, sizes are usually a bit different from brand to brand, so it's risky to buy clothes without trying them on.

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4 Ways EverAlert® Benefits from Cloud Technology

Posted by American Time on Feb 7, 2018 9:10:31 AM

We've all heard a lot about this enigmatic entity called "the cloud,” something you probably use every day for computer applications, data storage, or entertainment, whether you give it much thought or not.

And that's the beauty of it — the cloud is seamless, making it feel like the software you use and the data you consume is coming directly from your device, and not from … somewhere out there. You rarely think about it because you rarely have to.

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