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Use an American Time Master Clock for More Than Running Clocks!

Posted by American Time on Feb 2, 2021 8:35:02 AM


Your buildings lights, locks, bells and more can be controlled by a Master Clock.

American Time Master Clocks/Controllers can be used for more than keeping your wired or wireless clocks or bells on track; they can help improve other efficiencies throughout your building or facility.

Maximize your master clock investment by using it for….

  • Turning lights on/offSSIQ-MSTR-Mag_antenna
  • Locking/Unlocking doors
  • Turning other equipment on/off

How to Control Devices with a Master Clock

Controlling other devices can be done by using the signal circuits on the American Time Master Clock to trigger devices or external relays, which can control virtually any electronic device.

The device(s) being triggered must meet the specifications of the American Time Master Clock which are rated at 250vac, continuous 7.5 amps resistive, 5 amps inductive. If the device(s) you wish to control are over this rating, an external relay could be utilized to control the device(s).

If you are considering or already own a SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock/Controller, you have the option to trigger devices like lights, doors, and other equipment both wired and wirelessly. American Time offers many devices such as wireless relays, tone and audio generators, wireless controllers etc. to help you integrate other devices with the clock system.CLOCK-SYSTEM-DIAGRAMS-Wireless

Using a Master Clock for Scheduling
The scheduling feature of a master clock provides another way to leverage its capabilities with devices throughout your building. The scheduling feature of the master clock triggers the device(s) dependably on a schedule you can set up. Several of our customers use this feature for situations such as….

  • Turning on cross walk warning lights for students before and after school for a determined amount of time
  • Locking and unlocking doors at particular times
  • Scheduling building lights to turn on and off on a set schedule
  • Scheduling the use of outside sprinkler systems
  • Turning on or off of vending machines depending on scheduled foot traffic in the area.

For additional information or questions on how the American Time Master Clock/Controller could help maximize your existing devices, please contact us at 1-800-328-8996 or send us a message.

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