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Protective Guards: Defend Your Clocks and Safety Equipment

Posted by American Time on Aug 24, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Wire guardsClocks and protective guards go hand in hand. It's like buying a screen protector for your cellphone. Installing a synchronized time system is an investment that most organizations will expect to see a return on. The best way to ensure this is to buy guards to protect your clocks. This will make sure your organization always stays on time. 

There are two primary types of guards: metal and polycarbonate. Metal is the traditional wire guard with steel rods. Polycarbonate is a clear and hard material that can either cover the entire clock, or be open on the sides. Which ever one you choose, there are many situations where a protective guard is necessary. 


Gyms by nature have many balls and other similar airborne objects, flying all around. These items pose a ongoing threat to the clocks posted in gyms, even if the clocks may seem like they are hung high enough to escape danger. Many clocks will crack when struck by an object flying at them at a high speed.

Also, it's not just the safety of the clocks you have to worry about. One hard knock and the clock could come crashing down, becoming a hazard to anyone unfortunate enough to be standing underneath it at the time.

Food Processing Facilities

The GNP Company — most famous for Gold'n Plump and Just BARE Chicken — selected a American Time SiteSync IQ wireless clock system and installed a mix of both analog and digital clocks throughout their facilities. These clocks were arranged to be easily seen from each workstation and were also covered with polycarbonate guards to protect them from the variety of cleaning rinses used during the spray-down process.

Manufacturing Plants/Machine Shops

Every factory manager takes pride in a well-organized facility, but accidents do occur. A wayward forklift could just graze the surface of a clock, shattering it. Any place with lots of heavy machinery and hustling personnel warrants wire guards for the clocks.

However, it's not just clocks that need protection, but various other equipment such as lights, buttons and displays to name just a few. There are special guards designed for these items available for purchase as well.


Hospitals also have an array of expensive equipment that need protection. Keeping this equipment safe can be critical for effectively treating patients, but guards can be beneficial in a hospital's commons areas too.

Protective guards are a good idea for any high-traffic area, including hospital corridors where patients are constantly being transported on gurneys and wheelchairs while supply carts weave through the crowds. Installing guards in these hallways will keep various equipment, such as switches and signs, firmly attached to the wall. 

Also, hospitals use fluorescent lighting. There are protective guards specifically made to protect these light fixtures, along with exit signs as well.

A Protective Guard Resource

You can find wire guards that fit your needs at the American Time website. Offerings include guards protecting the kinds of equipment mentioned above, in addition to items such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, thermostats and fire alarms.

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