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Wi-Fi Clock Options that You Didn't Know Existed

Posted by Tom Nelson on Aug 2, 2017 2:09:24 PM

Wi-Fi ClockWhen someone mentions Wi-Fi, you may think of the technology that allows us fast and easy access to our smart phones — or heading over to the neighborhood coffee shop where the service works really well. For some of us, fast Wi-Fi access is more important than a reliable car. But Wi-Fi's versatility goes well beyond the consumer level. Businesses, hospitals, and schools are all using it to run their operations more smoothly with accurate time keeping.

Easy Set Up of Wi-Fi Clocks

Perhaps the best feature of Wi-Fi clocks in a facility is the ease of setup, some of which takes place before the clocks even arrive on site. American Time allows your system administrator to create an account via its website. From there, you can access a form and fill out your network's information. American Time's technicians can build and configure your clocks based on your requirements. Once the clocks are received and opened, it's just a matter of plugging in a battery pack and letting the clock connect with your wireless network. Talk about plug and play technology...

New call-to-actionWi-Fi Clocks: More Options for Power Source

Wi-Fi clocks are a technology that is rapidly evolving. Development is underway for 120 and 24 VAC Wi-Fi clocks, which will allow you to directly connect to power in your wall. This will eliminate the need to change batteries, if you prefer an electric option.  The AC powered Wi-Fi clocks expand the power options for Wi-Fi clocks, making the Wi-Fi clock even more versatile to maintenance and operations personnel. Digital Wi-Fi clocks running on 110 and 24 VAC will also be available in early fall from American Time.

Wi-Fi Clocks and Hospitals

One important feature of synchronized clock systems that can be a game-changer for hospitals and healthcare facilities is elapsed time, which is determined by flipping a switch on a clock in an operating room. This allows a team of surgeons to determine how long a procedure is taking, in addition to the time of day. That feature can count down or up, based on preference, and this special feature must be specifically ordered. The day is coming when this type of device can connect to a Wi-Fi network with a digital clock option.

Another great benefit to a Wi-Fi clock system is savings. You don't need to purchase an extra controller to run your system of clocks. They connect with an internal 802.11N wireless network, so you gain cost savings with ease of use. Click here to learn more information on how Wi-Fi clocks can benefit your facility.

Stay tuned for new Wi-Fi digital and electric clocks coming this Fall!

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