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Top 4 Reasons to Consider a Wi-Fi Clock System [VIDEO]

Posted by Tim Leung on Mar 30, 2017 1:28:52 PM

Less stress and more productivity are just a couple of the benefits of having excellent time management skills. However, the key to managing your time well is by having a reliable time-piece to keep you on track. Many schools and businesses are now turning to Wi-Fi clocks because of their reliable timekeeping abilities, as well as the additional benefits they offer facilities. In this video, our Director of Engineering Tim Leung explains the reasons they may be a good fit for you.


New call-to-actionSynchronized Time

Accurate timekeeping is important in almost every industry, and Wi-Fi clocks use the internet to ensure that all clocks are accurate in every place in a building. This makes them useful in schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

Schools in particular rely heavily on synchronized time so that classes start and end together, keeping students on time and class schedules flowing smoothly.

Hospitals and manufacturers rely on accurate time as well. In hospitals, timekeeping can affect medicine dosages, surgical schedules and shift changes. And in the warehouse, time is measured to help hold the workers accountable for how efficiently they are working.

Ease of Implementation

Wi-Fi clocks are easy to setup and install. When you choose a Wi-Fi clock system, you don’t need a wired or wireless master in your facility. A Wi-Fi signal keeps all clocks displaying the right time.

Wi-Fi clocks also help you avoid other potential roadblocks: having to get an FCC license for wireless masters or install for wired masters.

Unnoticeable Network Load

There will be no need to worry about slowing down your Wi-Fi network when adding the clock system to your facility. This is because the clocks are staggered among the network and do not clog up the network use, which prevents any possible slowdown in workflow and productivity.

Automatic Daylight Saving Time Change

This one is pretty cool and doesn’t need much explaining. There’s no need for you to change every single clock in your facility every six months when daylight saving time comes around. You may lose an hour of sleep, but it won’t be because you are worrying about changing clocks when you come into work the next day.

These four reasons should be plenty enough to make you want to switch to Wi-Fi clocks. Avoid miscommunications and loss in profit by making the switch to Wi-Fi clocks today.

Wi-Fi Clock Video

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