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Why Time Sync is Important for Clock Network Accuracy

Posted by Tom Nelson on Jun 14, 2017 11:52:23 AM

AdobeStock_126110499.jpegImagine you’re conducting an important business conference call on a large corporate campus. Several different divisions of the company — each located in a different building — are required to present subject matter to a potential client with large amounts of profit at stake. 

Time is of the essence, but there's a problem: The clocks set in each building are not synchronized to the same time source.Think about how this meeting is going when one group joins to present its information a few minutes late, while your prospect waits and waits. How does this make your company, and you, appear to this game-changing client? Yes, correct time sync is important to maintain network clock accuracy.

Access to the Atomic Clock

First: a little background information on getting accurate time. The atomic clock in Colorado provides precise time that is accessed by three main methods: a GPS satellite from space, a cellular phone tower, and the internet. If you want to maintain correct time in your school or facility, you must sync up to the atomic clock. This is done via your master clock controller, which double checks the atomic clock time every hour and adjusts accordingly, passing the correct time along to other clocks in the network. Make sure your master clock can access one of the three main sources for atomic time to ensure accuracy.

Clock Accuracy in Schools

Clocks need to be synchronized in schools for a variety of reasons. Think about inaccurate time keeping on finals day. Grades can be affected when students show up three minutes late for a test, all because the network of clocks were not keeping correct time. By syncing up your clocks, students and teachers can go about their lessons and testing efficiently and calmly. You can also prevent lunchtime logjams by keeping large groups of students moving to and from the lunch room when everyone has the same, correct time.

Clock Accuracy in Hospitals

Large hospitals may have hundreds of clocks. It's important to keep all of them synchronous when the well-being of patients are in the balance. By keeping an accurate network of clocks, medication is distributed to a critically ill patient exactly when it should be, and a surgery team arrives and prepares for an important procedure at the same time.

Clock Accuracy in a Business

Making money is the main goal of a business, and as the adage goes: Time is money. Keep your employees working efficiently with a network of synchronized clocks. Deadlines are accurately kept and shift changes happen fluidly when your system of clocks are all keeping the precise time.

The bottom line here is making sure your master clock controller can synchronize with atomic time, and send it to other clocks down the line. That is the best way to ensure correct time in your network of clocks.

Clock Synchronization

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