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Which Facilities are Best for Wi-Fi Clocks?

Posted by Tom Nelson on Apr 26, 2017 11:20:12 AM

Wi-Fi Clocks

We need to face it and embrace it: We are living in a Wi-Fi world. In our personal and business lives, it can be difficult to communicate efficiently without Wi-Fi access and the devices that connect to it. Whether it's a mobile phone, printer, or even a thermostat, quick and clear communication often relies on Wi-Fi. Well, you can now add clocks to the list, as Wi-Fi is transforming the way synchronous clock systems operate in environments where keeping a precise schedule is paramount.

New call-to-actionWi-Fi Clocks — Technology Behind the Timekeeping

Wi-Fi clocks are like many devices we use in the course of the day: They need access to a wireless signal in order to operate. That signal originates from a wireless network router, which is the most critical component needed to make Wi-Fi clocks function correctly. Many facilities that could benefit from Wi-Fi clocks already have a wireless router in place to connect other devices. Wi-Fi clocks can be quickly configured to connect to your router or can arrive from the factory pre-configured for faster installation.

Another important feature for many Wi-Fi clocks is a long-lasting battery pack. There are no wires to fumble with or cumbersome connections to worry about. You can also eliminate that expensive network cabling project from your budget, as Wi-Fi clocks don't rely on an Ethernet connection.

Which Facilities Are Best for Wi-Fi Clocks?

Need to keep a precise schedule? Synchronous clocks are a must. Need to execute a technology refresh in an environment with an existing infrastructure of these clocks? Wi-Fi is an excellent option. For schools, campuses and factories where keeping people on schedule is a must for learning or profitability, synchronous clock systems are probably already in place. One of the main benefits of Wi-Fi clocks is that they can quickly and easily replace existing wired clocks, taking only minutes to install from package to placement.

Again, Wi-Fi clocks must have access to a wireless signal in order to work, so a reliable wireless router is critical for overall efficiency. Generally speaking, if you get a Wi-Fi signal on your mobile devices, your Wi-Fi clocks will operate correctly.If you are constructing a new school or factory,  WiFi clocks are a great option. American Time has consultants who can work with your team to determine the best solution for your facility.

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