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Top Three Things to Consider When Purchasing Wi-Fi Clocks [VIDEO]

Posted by Tim Leung on Feb 22, 2017 9:54:38 AM

Everyday more and more of our frequently-used devices are becoming wireless — TV’s, speakers, thermostats, door locks, etc. Even our clocks are switching to a wireless system that is quickly becoming the standard among schools and businesses. So here are 3 things to consider when making the transition to a Wi-Fi clock system.

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Keep Up With Network Standard

When it comes to Wi-Fi clocks, it is important to keep up with the network standard. The ideal network for a clock system is 802.11N. This ensures that you will have the most up-to-date and fast Wi-Fi speeds. It also reduces the network overhead of maintaining dated network standards.

Order Your Clocks Preconfigured

To make things much easier for yourself and cause less headaches for whomever is installing, ensure that your clocks are ordered preconfigured. This way you will not have to preconfigure each clock individually, saving you much time and stress.

Choose The Right Battery Pack

The last thing to consider when purchasing a Wi-Fi clock system is battery life. You want to buy a battery that lasts at least 5 years. Changing a clock battery is not a tough task, but having 5 years of maintenance-free operation allows you to save money on labor costs.

When purchasing a Wi-Fi clock system remember these 3 things to ensure an easy and efficient process for a very important aspect of your business or school.

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