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Why Branding is Important and How Wi-Fi Logo Clocks Can Help

Posted by Aron Levandowski on Jan 3, 2018, 11:14:02 AM

wifi logo clocks What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of golden arches, a muscular bald man in a white T-shirt," a small light blue bird, or  the phrase, "finger-lickin' good? You likely said McDonald's, Mr. Clean, Twitter, and KFC without much thought. As you can see, branding is a strong part of how a consumer will see a business, but it's not just for big-name companies. Branding is a smart choice no matter what size your company is.

There are many ways to brand your business from fostering brand identity and encouraging name recognition with a unique color scheme or a thematic approach to interior design. And there are a variety of benefits to putting some time and money into branding. Here are some of the ways branding can boost your company in customer's minds and how wi-fi logo clocks can help.

New call-to-actionExpress Your Core Identity

The word “brand” is used so often that it's easy to forget what it means. It's more than the name and logo of your institution, it's what you stand for and how consumers relate to you.

In its origins, a brand was supposed to indicate the source of a product, like how ranchers literally branded their cattle to note ownership. Nowadays, a brand is more of a metaphor, but it still speaks to the source of your product – the core truth of who you are as an organization.

"A brand is the intangible sum of a product’s attributes,” explained Advertising legend, David Ogilvy, deftly expressing that equation is part of good marketing and public relations. It's how you build loyalty and carve out a space in people's minds.

Make an Impression, Then Do it Again

One way to get into someone's stream of thoughts is to express your brand again and again. In the marketing world, these points of contact are called impressions. When applied properly, more impressions lead to greater familiarity for the consumer.

For someone to be familiar with their surroundings is to pick up on the subtleties that make your business different from the one down the road. One of those subtleties could be the clock people look at dozens, if not hundreds, of times a day.

A clock is an often-overlooked opportunity to establish your identity –  the face of an analog clock is the perfect place for branding using your logo or name.

Build Relationships

Establish enough familiarity, and you get closer to the rarified air known as brand loyalty, the highest aspiration of any business. With loyalty comes trust, which you can establish with repeated positive impressions.

Trust is the difference between a friend versus a stranger offering you a ride on a dark street. You choose what you know.

The visual real estate found on your wall clocks can help express the values you share with the people who use your facility, the same values you set when you first crafted your mission statement or brand identity.


Your Clocks, Your Brand

Recognizing the importance of establishing an identity in facilities of all varieties, American Time offers free clock customization. The service lets you place your name, logo, or mascot throughout your building in places you know people will look.

Visit our clock customization page to get started.
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