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From Logos to Materials: How to Create Personalized Clocks with American Time

Posted by Aron Levandowski on Nov 22, 2017 11:42:56 AM

Can you imagine a world without branding? How would we identify our favorite products, businesses, and schools if they didn't have distinct colors and logos? Done well, those colors and fonts build up an identity and help create loyalty. Think about students and alumni wearing school spirit wear or the number of employees who proudly wear logoed clothing and you get the picture.custom dials.jpg

Sometimes the best branding is even more subtle, the incidental exposure that happens when an individual isn't focused on the brand itself. Unlike conventional advertising, which is directional, this subtle branding can build loyalty by placing a name, logo, or mascot in just the right spot — a spot like your clocks.

Think about it. The clock is maybe the most viewed product in your building. So why wouldn't you brand it?

Free Clock Customization

Whether you lead a school, run a company, or manage a hospital, we make it easy to create one-of-a-kind clocks specifically for your facilities. And we’ll waive the clock customization fee for clock orders of 10 or more.

For example, East Side Charter School in Dover, Delaware, enrolls students from across the country. It's mascot, a dignified bald eagle with wide-spread wings, serves as East Side's proud identity, and also as the school's logo.

So, it made sense that when the school's clocks needed replacing, East Side used our offer to emblazon the eagle on all of the new clocks. The personalized clocks build school spirit as students look at them while walking through the halls or in class.

The University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital knows how scary hospital visits can be for children. To match the "Passport to Discovery" theme, the hospital had American Time design 11 different dial faces. The safari of animals featured on the hospital's clocks serve as lighthearted touchstones, a way to comfort the young patients and foster a sense of continuity.

How to Customize Clocks

Customization is available on Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi, Wireless, Wired and Battery Analog clocks. You can personalize your clocks with your name, logo, or mascot – or all three – for free (with a minimum order of 10 clocks). Try it here. You can choose between wood, steel, aluminum and molded cases.

Custom images can be submitted as either vector or raster files, although vector files provide more flexibility. One way to spot a vector file, is by the ability to select individual lines or elements within the art. Individual components of a raster file cannot be edited because it is one solid piece, like a photo would be.

Vector files allow you to enlarge line art as much as you want without degradation of quality. Raster files, however, are pixel-based, so if a file is too small and you try to make it larger, the image will lose resolution, and therefore clarity. Vector-based formats we prefer include .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .svg. Raster files include .jpg, .tif, .png, and .gif.

To learn more about using vector and raster files, watch this video.

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