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3 Things Dracula and DST Have In Common

Posted by Tom Nelson on Oct 29, 2015 7:52:38 AM


Daylight saving time (DST) ends on Sunday, which can be a big hassle for organizations with clocks that don’t automatically update for the change twice a year. In fact, in the spirit of Halloween, we’ve realized that clocks that don’t update for DST eerily resemble that famous villainous vampire, Count Dracula…

 They both suddenly change in the middle of the night

Just as Dracula can shape shift into a bat, your clocks jump forward or back an hour in the spring and fall. This can be a nightmare for maintenance teams that have to spend time manually adjusting each clock in the following days and weeks.

They suck the life force out of you

Dracula will drink your blood and clocks that don't automatically adjust for DST changes will sap the productivity of your workforce: Meetings or classes start and end at incorrect times, and punctuality becomes a problem.

 They're hard to stop

According to legend, Dracula can only be stopped with impalement through the heart, followed by decapitation. It’s equally as hard to stop a clock that won’t update for DST. The only solution is to replace it with one that will update on its own.

 After a weekend of treats and candy, don’t let your clocks ruin the fun on Monday. Here at American Time, we have wired and wireless clocks for any need, and we’ll even come out to your location – for free – and perform a no-obligation clock audit to help you understand your options. Make the switch now and put your vampire clocks to rest – for good.

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