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Integrating School Bells with Your Clock System [VIDEO]

Posted by Tom Nelson on Jan 11, 2017 9:13:26 AM

To help keep students and teachers on time and lessons taught as planned, it is vital that the bells and clock systems be synchronized to the same time.  So when the clock strikes 12pm and a bell should go off, it does so right on the dot.


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It is easy to integrate your school bells with your school clock system. With a synchronized clock system, you can hook the bells up to the master or control them wirelessly. There are two options for how this can be done.

Synchronize the Intercom System with the Master

The intercom will then be on the same time as the master clock and thus signal the bell tones at the on schedule.

Integrate the Intercom System with the Master

When integrating with an intercom system, the master clock will send a signal that triggers the intercom tones.

So whether you have bells or intercom tones, it’s easy to integrate or synchronize with a clock system master. Click here for more detailed information on integration clock systems. 

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