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How a Clock System Can Contribute To School Safety

Posted by Fred Bezat on Jan 25, 2017 12:40:01 PM

School SafetyWhat do school buses, sidewalk patrols, caring adults and clocks all have in common? Believe it or not, all help contribute to safety at schools. Although clocks may seem to be the less obvious reason, here's how a synchronized system of clocks can help keep students safe during the school day.

EverAlert: Single Solution for School Safety

American Time is proud to announce the release of a new product designed to alert students and staff to emergency situations, improve routine communication throughout the school, and keep synchronized time. EverAlert is a communication platform designed to provide emergency information in the event of severe weather, fires or lockdown situations. And, it keeps reliable, synchronous time, while providing important information on current and upcoming school events throughout the day.

Weather alerts:

When severe weather looms, students and staff need to be keenly aware of the threat. EverAlert notifies every classroom and other areas of the school to the situation in three ways; 1) By communicating clear messages on 22-inch high definition color displays throughout the school. This information conveys the specific severe weather and the areas to seek shelter. 2) A system of recognizable tones that gets the attention of students and staff. 3) By delivering weather messages instantly to specific classrooms, specific buildings, or district wide.

Fire alarms:

Similar to weather, EverAlert quickly communicates fire threats to students and staff.. EverAlert monitors fire panels and instantly displays audible and visual emergency information if alarms are set. Authorized individuals are sent information about the problem via text message, e-mail and on mobile devices. Community emergency personnel may also be alerted.


As unpleasant as it may seem, lockdown situations are something school administrators must prepare for. The EverAlert system notifies students and staff to the threat through its messaging network, and alerts emergency personnel to the problem for a quicker response. Staff and security professionals inside the school are also able to trigger lockdown, fire, and weather alerts from their mobile devices.

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Normal school days:

The threats mentioned above are of course, rare occurrences. During a normal school day, the primary function of a network of clocks is to help students and staff keep time and move from class to class efficiently. The EverAlert solution does this with easy to read time displays, and a countdown function that gives everyone an idea of the deadline at hand. Time aware students can keep an eye on this system of clocks, allowing them to gauge their pace between classes or during a test.

Clocks & School Safety After School

When the bell sounds to end the day, many students head home on school buses. Students obviously need to know which bus to take, but they also need to know when their bus leaves the school. EverAlert displays located in common areas  can be configured to display bus schedules that revert to normal messaging after the busses depart.  Changes to bus schedules, caused by bad weather or special events, for example, can be displayed as needed. By having a system of clocks and displays located inside and outside the school, students can keep track of time, and when they may need to move a little quicker to catch that ride home. Having a communication system  that functions correctly after classes end gives new meaning to the term "No child left behind".

For more information on the cutting-edge EverAlert solution from American Time, click here: EverAlert overview

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