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"EverAlert fit all the needs we had with one solution."  An introduction to Esko School District's adoption of the EverAlert communication system.

Posted by Zach Bauman on Jul 2, 2024 9:28:25 AM

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When the paging and bell system at Esko Public Schools needed parts, the problem was greater than simply replacing a few components. Purchased and installed in 1998, the system was only produced by the manufacturer for a single year – sourcing new parts just wasn’t an option.

At the same time, the district was preparing to update its synchronized time system, as well as implementing a new safety and security protocol which would require greater ability to communicate across their campus.

While on the lookout for new equipment, Head Custodian Tony Compo came across American Time at a conference and was fascinated with the EverAlert system.

“He came back and said that this was a system we should look at,” said Superintendent Aaron Fischer. “We did some of our own research and talked to some other schools already using the system, and we saw that this was a single solution to this array of needs we had.”

Once they contacted American Time, the customer service relationship was impressive to Fischer.

“We had great support from American Time. People here on-site, in our hallways and classrooms, making sure we had the right equipment,” he noted.

With a combination of Safe Schools funding from the State of Minnesota and existing technology funds within the district, they decided to fully equip the school building with EverAlert technology: Dynamic Displays in each classroom, Dynamic Views backing 55" displays in gymnasiums and other large spaces, EverAlert Live audio paging throughout the building supported by strategically located EverAlert Speakers, and an integrated lockdown initiation system.


"EverAlert fit all the needs we had with one solution," Fischer said.  "We found that solution was quite affordable for the number of things we were getting."

Technology Director Angie Orvedahl quickly discovered that the inCloud Management Portal for the EverAlert system would solve a long-standing headache -- a complex, outdated bell system that only she could manage.

"Changing the bell schedules is one of my more difficult tasks here," she remarked.  "The inCloud bell scheduler was probably the biggest selling point for me.  To schedule bells or change schedules with just a click of a button was a great change."

Orvedahl knew that implementing the system effectively would require plenty of advanced planning and quickly embarked on getting buy-in from the school staff at large.

"Tony and I met with every teacher in every classroom to determine the best placement for the display in each teaching space," Orvedahl explained.  "Not only did that ensure they'd be happy with the hardware, but it also got them excited about the new technology."

Once their devices arrived on site, the Esko team found more pleasant surprises.

"The mounting system for the [Dynamic Displays] is great," Compo commented.  "When I first started mounting them, I had three different wall materials to work with, and the mounting brackets were so easy to use no matter where I was putting them.  I can't say enough about that design."


With the completion of their install near the end of the 2023-2024 school year, Orvedahl is looking forward to training staff over the summer on the enhanced digital messaging features, live audio paging, and lockdown protocols.

"Before next school years starts, alongside doing drills for our new safety and security protocols from The 'I Love U Guys' Foundation, we'll go through all the new EverAlert features so everyone's familiar with the system and what to expect," she noted.  "Having all the information that they need in one place is going to be a huge advantage, and American Time's partnership with 'I Love U Guys' has just made our implementation even easier.

"From an IT perspective, this was the absolute easiest thing I have ever rolled out."


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