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Do You Know About Countdown Clocks? [VIDEO]

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Jul 8, 2015 12:12:00 PM

Countdown Clock

As adults, we are constantly working on our time management skills. It should be no surprise that children trying to navigate their school schedule is an equally difficult task. It can be a struggle for students to adjust to curriculum changes from quarter to quarter or semester to semester and learn to shift and manage their time wisely

To assist with time management, many schools have started to implement a digital clock system that supports a countdown feature. Countdown clocks visually count down the time between classes, so students know exactly how many minutes (or seconds!) they have left before class starts. In between classes, the digital clocks change from displaying the current time to displaying a countdown that informs students when they’re expected to be in class.

How Countdown Clocks Work for This Middle School

Fairbault Middle School, located in central Minnesota, had clocks that were showing different times which resulted in students being tardy for class. “Before the American Time system, students said that they didn’t hear the bell and that’s why they were late for class,” said Angi McAndrews, assistant principal at Faribault Middle School. “Now, we have a visual countdown and an audible bell. We knew there had to be a better way, and there was. The clocks are the foundation of what makes the tardy policy work.”

You can even include audio reminders, like music and bells. For instance, Faribault Middle School chose to play music through the intercom system at the two-minute mark, giving students yet another cue on timing.

Dealing with tardiness at any school can be a frustrating topic as it often wastes valuable time for both students and teachers that is better spent on classroom learning. A countdown clock can step in and help schools deal with the tardiness “clocks were off” excuse once and for all!

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