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How to Integrate an AllSync Clock Replacement into Your Synchronized Clock System

Posted by Carmen Dimond on Feb 14, 2018 10:10:00 AM

Remember the days when you would go to a place called a TV repair shop if your TV stopped working? A friendly technician would survey the damage, diagnose the problem, maybe order a new part or two, and make it as good as new.

Now, most consumer goods are disposable, but people do still fix some things. For example, the kind of clocks that are on the walls of schools, hospitals and other facilities around the world.

If one of the clocks on your clock system stops working, you have the option to either replace the broken part or replace the clock altogether. In either case, you can use American Time's AllSync, which is designed to work with most major clock systems - even the brands that are no longer manufactured.

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Wire Guards: Protect Your Clock System in These Places

Posted by Carmen Dimond on Dec 13, 2017 12:38:20 PM

You wouldn't leave your cell phone unprotected as you venture into the unpredictable environments you encounter day-to-day. Your investment is just too great to risk it. But what about the investment you've made in your facility's clock system, and the other pieces of equipment you rely on to keep things running smoothly? That's worth protecting, too.

Wire guards for clocks and other pieces of vital equipment, like those available at American Time, protect your investment from damage, vandalism, and theft. After all, it's not just the equipment you have to think about, but the environment that surrounds it. Here are some areas where wire guards are beneficial.

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Protect Your Wall Clocks with Wire Guards

Posted by Carmen Dimond on Dec 28, 2016 8:23:36 AM

A good insurance policy will protect you when unexpected things happen. It's no different with wall clocks: purchasing wire guards or tamper-resistant security brackets to keep your clocks protected is time (and money) well spent. If your facility has a wall clock that needs protection, American Time has a solution to meet the need. Let's take a look at some solutions and scenarios where a wire guard would make sense for your school, business or facility.

Standard wire guards

These are a must for most wall clocks inside gymnasiums or locker rooms, which need protection from balls and other objects moving at high speeds. Hinged wire or round wire clock guards from American Time are a slam dunk solution for these environments.

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How to Find Your Synchron Motor Replacement

Posted by Carmen Dimond on Sep 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM

We get calls every day from folks searching for Hansen Synchron Motors. We’re able to bring their search to an end because we stock many different types of Hansen motors and movements.

When customers call for a replacement motor, they are often holding the motor they need to replace. We ask them for the information printed on the side of the motor, including voltage, speed and model number. This information is also included on our website.

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