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American Time Provides Master Clock for the White House

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Dec 16, 2015 8:26:51 AM


When the President of the United States notices that a clock isn’t showing the right time, the White House electricians take that seriously.

That’s what happened recently when President Obama remarked that a clock was off. The White House has been wired for clocks for many years, and features a mix of several wall clock brands that have to be kept in sync (including about five American Time clocks, according to Rob Mingone of Midway Alarms, a contractor that services the building).

To make sure all of the clocks in the White House show the correct time, Mingone uses an American Time AllSync IQ Wired Master Clock. The AllSync IQ master clock works with existing secondary clocks of any major brand to keep them on all on time. It updates all of the clocks automatically for daylight saving time changes, and the equipment can easily be managed remotely from a computer. It also features a back-up battery so it will continue to keep time in the event of a power outage.

“I love American Time,” he explained. “The people are great and are quick to help with any problem I have.”

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