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A Tool that Calculates Lost Time and Money

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Dec 1, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Perhaps you suspect – or you know – that you’re losing minutes of productivity each day because your clocks aren’t in sync. The breakroom clock is off, or the clock in one part of the building is three minutes faster than in another area…and now, team members’ shifts overlap or they arrive too early/too late at a destination.

If so, then check out our new Lost Time Calculator to determine exactly how many minutes you’re losing and how much money synchronized could save you. With just three inputs – number of employees, average hourly wage and lost minutes per day – you get instant results on what your clocks are costing you.

Synchronized time isn’t just a convenience: it’s an easy but high-impact way to run your building more efficiently and boost your bottom line.

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