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What Master Clock is Best for Clock Synchronization?

Posted by Scott Ramacier on Aug 29, 2018 12:22:00 PM

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Master clocks have been keeping time synchronized in schools, hospitals, factories and offices for a long, long time. Like the conductor of an Orchestra keeping musicians moving to the same beat, the master clock keeps everyone moving at the right pace, by ensuring that every clock in its system is showing the same time.

What is a Master Clock?

If you have a synchronized wired or wireless clock system in your facility, you have a master clock controlling it. A master clock is an accurate time keeping clock with the ability to send synchronized time signals to all secondary clocks connected to the system. Master clocks controlled secondary clocks long before computers and network (Wi-Fi and PoE) clocks emerged.

Where Does a Master Clock Get Time From?

Most of us pay little notice to the clocks when they are all working on time and in sync. However, when the clocks in your building are off, havoc could easily break loose. So how exactly does a master clock know what time is the right time? Through a very precise clock in Colorado, USA!

The atomic clock is a clock that keeps precise time at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). It's precision is due to the action of connecting to a bundle of cesium atoms. The process is complex, which is why it is left up to scientists, but this clock will keep accurate time for the next 100 million years!

Your master clock obtains the atomic clock's time through a time server accessed through an internet connection. At scheduled intervals, it reads the atomic time and then broadcasts the accurate time out to all of the clocks in it's system. This ensures that everyone is on the exact same time.

Master Clocks for New and Old Clock Systems

Whether you are replacing an old or broken master clock, or looking into buying a new master clock and system, you have options.

  • Replacing a Old/Broken Master Clock -  Over the years, there have been a lot of different clock systems that have been in and out of production. Just because you have an old clock system, doesn't mean that you will have to replace everything just because you need a new master clock. There are now master clocks on the market, like American Time's AllSync IQ, that will sync with secondary clocks from American Time, Cincinnati, Dukane, Edwards, Faraday, Lathem, Midwest Time, National Time, Notifier, and Simplex. This master controller synchronizes to the atomic clock time via an Ethernet connection.
  • Buying a New Master Clock and System - If you have the budget to update your clock system, it is the perfect time to update your technology and clock capabilities as well. Newer master clocks, like the SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock, can control wired and wireless secondary clocks. They also have the ability to control bells, strobes, or other devices that you need to turn on and off throughout the day within your facility. The best part is that all of this programming and scheduling can be done remotely from your computer desktop or remote connect.
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