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Wireless Clocks, Motors, EverAlert and More! Get our New On-Demand Webinar Series!

Posted by Aron Levandowski on Jun 26, 2019 10:53:00 AM

We know there are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the right clocks or clock technology for your building. That’s why we created our
Clock School On-Demand Webinar Series.

  • Brief, helpful webinars that get you the most
    important information
  • Recommendations and resources for next steps
  • Real-world examples

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Top Tips for Upcycling your Outdated Clock System

legacy-clocksMany facilities have legacy clock systems that are still ticking after decades of use, but they still need the occasional upgrade to keep running smoothly. We’ll share tips for keeping your building humming without having to replace your legacy clock system:

  • Choosing clocks that will be compatible with multiple systems
  • Understanding the pieces of your existing system that can be replaced
  • Creative ways to save costs while still upgrading pieces that are no longer working

Get the Outdated Clock System webinar

What You’ll Learn from your Synchron Motor

IMG_5223Synchron motors are used in clocks, advertising signs, damper controls on HVAC, water heaters and other electrical equipment, which means it’s important to understand how they work and your replacement options! In this webinar, we take the confusion out of your Synchron Motor. You’ll learn:  

  • How to read the Synchron motor, including motor voltage, speed-cycles per second, model number explanation, and rotation
  • Replacement options for your motor (mechanical vs. solid-state)

Get the Synchron Motor webinar

Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Wireless Clock System for your School

wireless-webinar-2How many work orders for clock repairs are weighing down your maintenance team? How many times do you hear complaints that none of the clock times match? How many classes start or end at the wrong time because the clocks are off? In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How synchronized time technology keeps everyone on time
  • Options within the family of wireless clock technology
  • Installation and maintenance considerations
  • Determining a budget and ROI
  • How to select the right wireless clock system for your school

Get the Wireless Clock System webinar

Benefits of a Multi-Functional Platform for Emergency Communications in Schools

EverAlert-platform-displays-1If you have multiple vendors and systems for managing clocks, digital signage, severe weather alerts, fire alarms or lockdown notifications, then you’re spending a lot of time and money managing that complexity! Plus, your systems probably don’t talk to each other, which means you have an unconnected network for your daily needs or a future emergency.

In this webinar, you’ll get a closer look into the features, benefits and real-world results of our EverAlert communication platform, including:

  • Multi-functional technology that delivers digital signage and announcements, synchronized time, and emergency alerts during severe weather, fire drills, lockdowns, and more
  • New advancements that allows you to have EverAlert on
    large-format screens
  • Connectivity and integration considerations
  • Cost options
  • Real-life uses and results of EverAlert

Get the EverAlert webinar

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