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Which Synchronized Time System is Best For Your School?

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Aug 18, 2015, 10:49:00 AM


Time is everything in a school, and clocks that are synchronized to display the same, accurate time aren’t just a convenience. They ensure that students are where they are supposed to be, that teachers are covering the right subject matter for the right amount of time, and that everyone is moving through the building safely and efficiently.

How is time synchronized? A synchronized timekeeping system ensures that all of the clocks in a school – wired, wireless, digital or analog – display the same precise time. There are two main methods of achieving this:

A wired timekeeping system has a master clock that is wired to each clock in a building and controls the displayed time to uphold synchronization. American Time clock options in the wired category include:

  • AllSync Plus® clocks: This is an excellent option if you are running multiple clock systems. AllSync Plus adapts to the correct clock correction protocol upon installation.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks: An energy-efficient clock that receives power and time updates from one cable connected to your Ethernet. No master clock, batteries or AC power is needed.

A wireless system’s clocks retrieve a time signal from GPS satellites, cell phone towers or the internet. A signal is sent to each wireless clock using a radio frequency. American Time clock options in the wireless category include:

  • SiteSync IQ: The only hybrid clock system of its kind, it can integrate with both wireless and wired clock systems. It also allows you to operate bells, lights and more. Perfect for retrofits and new school construction.

  • Wi-Fi network clocks: Also wireless and are factory-set to work with your network time server, using your existing Wi-Fi network to keep the correct time. No master clock, additional infrastructure costs or equipment is needed.

Whether wired or wireless clocks (or a combination of both), American Time’s synchronized timekeeping systems automatically update for daylight saving time and come with a multi-year battery life, saving maintenance staff a significant amount of time adjusting and maintaining clocks.

Keep everyone in school on time Clocks that display the same time can have a huge impact – negative or positive – on your school’s operations. They improve punctuality, save maintenance staff time adjusting clocks, and keep everyone in the building moving efficiently and consistently. Make 2015 the year that you stop spending time on time, and get all of the clocks in your buildings – digital or analog, wired or wireless – synchronized.

American Time also provides free, on-site clock audits. A clock expert visits your school to assess your existing timekeeping system and help you determine your current and future needs.

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