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News: The Network Clock Setup App is Available Now!

Posted by American Time on Apr 28, 2021 2:45:00 PM


Setting up your WI-fi and Power over ethernet (poe) network clocks is easier than ever!

The American Time Network Clock Setup App for Android users is now available. This new app allows you to configure, provision and activate American Time network clocks (Wi-Fi and PoE) without being tied to a desktop or laptop computer. 

Easy-to-use functionality allows users to:

  • Scan clock QR codes on the back of either Wi-Fi or PoE clocks to easily name them
  • Create clock configurations with network, time zone, and security settings
  • Provision clocks with configuration settings individually or in bulk, saving time
  • For inCloud subscribers, you can activate Wi-Fi and PoE clocks on the inCloud portal easily

The American Time Network Clock Setup App for Android makes configuring and provisioning network clocks easy – saving precious time and headaches. The app is also integrated with the powerful inCloud management portal. inCloud is the only tool that gives users total network clock management capabilities. inCloud subscribers can easily manage and monitor important indicators like power status, connection quality, time sync and battery life, and more on IoT-enabled network clocks from American Time.

Watch the video below for basic step-by-step instructions on using the Network Clock Setup App for American Time PoE and Wi-Fi clocks.


Download the American Time Network Clock Setup App Google_Play-horizontal

Learn more about American Time Network clocks, Wi-Fi clocks, PoE clocks and the inCloud management portal.

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