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How To: Keep Large Spaces Informed and Devices Protected

Posted by Zach Bauman on Apr 24, 2024 8:22:32 AM


In late 2023, Esko Public School in northeastern Minnesota embarked on an ambitious project to implement American Time's EverAlert system throughout their entire K-12 school building.

Part of that project included extending the system to their two gymnasiums, cafeteria, and other large spaces -- an easy task for the EverAlert Dynamic View.  Connected to 55" displays, the Dynamic View brings the full suite of EverAlert features to highly visible large-format screens.

"Easy to see and easy to install cleanly," said Angie Orvedahl, Esko's technology coordinator.


With gyms come projectiles, so protecting those screens was an important concern.  That's where the 55" TV guard came into the equation.

"We threw a volleyball at it to test the guard," noted head custodian Tony Compo.  "You'd have to deliberately hit it with a baseball bat to even worry about damage."

Since the EverAlert system isn't just limited to visual communication, the team at Esko decided to install EverAlert Speakers in each of these larger spaces as well, ensuring audio messages, alerts, and paging could be heard clearly.

 "The volume of the speakers is great," Orvedahl commented.  "We tested them during basketball practice while they had music playing in the gym, and we could easily hear the speakers over all that noise."


In addition to the Dynamic View-enabled 55" displays and exterior speakers in large spaces, Esko is outfitting Dynamic Displays in each classroom, along with interior speakers throughout hallways.  

"Staff love them," said Orvedahl.  "Everyone's really happy so far."

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