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Clock Placement: How High Should I Hang My Wall Clock?

Posted by American Time on Dec 26, 2018 12:26:27 PM

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If you’re trying to bake a cake, but can’t find the whisk or spatula, and your favorite pan is dirty, baking a cake is going to be pretty difficult. That’s because you don’t have the resources you need when you need them. Trying to check the time without a clock puts you in the same conundrum. No clock, no time. No pan, no cake.

So, where do you hang a wall clock so everyone can see it? Is there a certain height you should aim for? Do you hang it 7ft off the floor? Right below the sprinklers? Three feet left of the armoire? Unfortunately, there’s no one answer on how high you should hang your wall clock, but there are tips to consider for choosing an ideal place.

Hang It Where Everyone Can See It

Now, it may seem overly obvious to say hang your clock where everyone can see it, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure it’s viewable from anywhere a person might need to see the time. For example, if you teach a classroom of students who need to know how much time they have left to finish their test, you probably wouldn’t want to hang the wall clock behind them. Instead, you would want to hang the clock near the door or front of the room so everyone can see it. After all, a clock that not everyone can see isn't very helpful, is it?

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Hang It Higher Than the Tallest Normal Obstruction

So say your armoire stands 5ft tall on a good day, it’s important to consider any large obstructions around the room when it comes to clock placement. If you're in an office there may be several cubicle walls separating employees, and cubicle walls are the natural enemy of clocks. To overcome this obstacle, you’ll want to make sure your clock is placed higher than the cubicle walls so people can see it. In a school hallway, you want to hang the clock higher on the wall than the students walking pass it. This allows all students to know how my much time they have left to get to class.

Your room or hallway may require multiple clocks if the ceilings are low or it's too difficult to hang a clock above the tallest normal obstruction.


Hang It Where It's Comfortable to View

Of course, ergonomics is key, too. Place your clock at a height that is comfortable and easy to glance at. You don't want people craning their necks to check the time because if they do, they’ll stop checking the time altogether.

So, ask yourself if the majority of people are standing or sitting in this room? Which direction are most people facing? Are there multiple armoires in the way?  If you’re having a hard time, walk around the room and stand or sit in different areas. Where is the most logical place to hang a clock according to where you’re sitting or standing? And what height is comfortable for viewing?

Now that you’ve taken these three things into consideration, you can more accurately hang your wall clock to ensure everyone can comfortably view it. This will save your students and employees a lot of headaches, and neck pain. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.

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