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Get the Critical KRACK Vulnerability Patch for your Wi-Fi Clocks

Posted by Aron Levandowski on Jan 10, 2018 9:59:08 AM

Wi-Fi Clocks Krack Vulnerability PatchThis fall, a vulnerability was found in Wi-Fi’s WPA security protocol. In plain English, this means that it’s possible for hackers to get into your network (and therefore into your private data) through any Wi-Fi device. All modern Wi-Fi networks are at risk – not just certain products or devices. The flaw was dubbed KRACK: Key Reinstallation Attack. 

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Because our Wi-Fi network clocks are included in this vulnerability, we took swift action to patch it.

Click ANALOG or DIGITAL to get the instructions for updating the firmware on your Wi-Fi clocks. When you update the firmware, our patch will automatically be implemented and your Wi-Fi clocks will be protected from this vulnerability.

"When our team learned about Wi-Fi's security flaw and the risk of a KRACK exploit, we instantly started working on a solution for our Wi-Fi customers," said Tim Leung, director of engineering at American Time. "Even if the risk is minimal, we take risks like this very seriously and we know our customers trust us to fix it. We're pleased to offer them this update and protection."  

If you have any questions about your American Time Wi-Fi clocks or the patch, please contact us at 1-800-328-8996. 

To learn more about KRACK, we recommend this helpful article from PC World.

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