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Custom Clock Display Options on the New EverAlert Clock System

Posted by Fred Bezat on Mar 22, 2017 12:20:33 PM

Custom Clock DisplaySmart boards, mobile devices and laptops: this type of technology is driving learning in the 21st century. Students are using mobile computing and high definition displays more frequently to assist them in their education endeavors, as evolving trends in technology are focusing more and more on teaching children in a formal school setting. Now you can add a new type of clock system to that list, as customized displays are helping students and faculty work more efficiently during the school day, while providing information and creating a sense of school pride along the way.

EverAlert for Time

American Time is once again on the cutting edge of school clock technology with its EverAlert clock system, which is a bundled solution for time keeping, emergency alerts, campus messages, and more. There are many options within the EverAlert system, including customized displays. The wall-mounted, 22-inch displays can provide time in analog or digital format, which is beneficial for students of different ages. Elementary school teachers may prefer an analog clock image in their classroom to teach time, while digital clocks may be more familiar to older students.

Another option is the countdown timing display, which works great in gathering areas. Students can keep track of passing time between classes, in a hallway, or in the lunchroom, where these displays let everyone know how much time remains in the lunch period. Customized bells and tones for these environments are also available.

EverAlert for Emergency and Routine Messaging

The EverAlert solution goes well beyond keeping time. Emergency alerts may be triggered on the displays through the school’s existing alarm systems, or by information from the National Weather Service. In the event of an alert, specific color codes and visual messages communicate safety information to students and faculty.

I want to learn more about the EverAlert Communication Platform

Fortunately, emergency alerts aren't displayed often – EverAlert's more common function is a routine conduit for information on school events and seasonal greetings. Messages can be programmed into the system by the EverAlert Site Administrator to be deployed at specific times and/or days.

EverAlert for School Pride

These messages can be conveyed with customized school colors, team logos and mascots. The images are programmed into your EverAlert system prior to shipment and are arranged on the display for optimum visibility, helping to develop a sense of school pride.

All of the customized display options mentioned above would be irrelevant without accurate time-keeping. EverAlert utilizes NTP time, so all clocks display synchronized, accurate time throughout your campus.. Time keeping reliability has always been at the foundation of American Time Products, and with EverAlert, that tradition continues.

For more options available on EverAlert from American Time, click here for more information.

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