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Clocks Didn't Adjust For Daylight Saving Time? [VIDEO]

Posted by Samantha Walz on Nov 7, 2018 11:43:34 AM

Daylight Saving Time seems simple enough. You just adjust the clocks to the new time, right? But what if you have more than a few clocks? We've created a quick video to describe the difference between Right Burt, who has a no-hassle timekeeping system which easily adjusts for Daylight Saving Time, and Left Burt, who... is a little stressed out after DST.


Visit www.american-time.com/dst.

Left Burt and Right Burt are their firm's maintenance heroes. Twice a year, they have to manually change the clocks for Daylight Saving Time. This wouldn't be so bad if they only had a few clocks to alter. But what if there are more than a few clocks?

It's Monday morning after Daylight Saving Time and Left Burt's organization has typical clocks that don't adjust automatically. He has a long day of adjusting clocks ahead of him.

Fortunately for Right Burt, his boss realized how smooth everything would run if they invested in a synchronized time solution from American Time. These clocks adjusted themselves overnight. How slick! 

Here, at American Time, we provide clocks that auto-adjust so people like Left Burt don't have to manually correct clocks for Daylight Saving Time. We have a whole range of advanced time technologies to meet your needs including wired, wireless, and IP network clock systems that ensure you, and time, are completely synchronized across your entire organization. With adjusting clocks you save money, save time, and create peace of mind by keeping everyone on schedule. 

Designed and assembled in the USA. Our products are the reason our customers come to us, our service is the reason they stay. Whether you need a few Wi-Fi clocks for your office or a complete wireless system for your manufacturing facility, American Time has synchronized time solutions that adjust for Daylight Saving Time and your budget. 

Your time's important. Don't be Left Burt. Learn more at www.american-time.com/dst

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