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Wire Guards: Protect Your Clock System in These Places

Posted by Carmen Dimond on Dec 13, 2017 12:38:20 PM

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You wouldn't leave your cell phone unprotected as you venture into the unpredictable environments you encounter day-to-day. Your investment is just too great to risk it. But what about the investment you've made in your facility's clock system, and the other pieces of equipment you rely on to keep things running smoothly? That's worth protecting, too.

Wire guards for clocks and other pieces of vital equipment, like those available at American Time, protect your investment from damage, vandalism, and theft. After all, it's not just the equipment you have to think about, but the environment that surrounds it. Here are some areas where wire guards are beneficial.

Guard Your Investment in the Gymnasium

You might think your clocks in the gymnasium are placed high enough out of the way that a poorly-thrown basketball won't hit it. Rather than hope your clocks don't get damaged, keep them safely mounted on the wall with a guard. This can also protect from vandalism.

Plus, when you guard your gym clocks, you're also protecting your staff because the less often they have to climb a ladder, the safer they are.

Protect Your Clocks from Humidity at the Pool

Indoor pools create a unique environment for a clock. A room that is constantly warm and humid can cause condensation on a clock, making it difficult to impossible to read.

A wire guard wouldn't protect your clock from such moisture, but a weather-resistant polycarbonate guard would. This is also the best choice for an outdoor clock.

Avoid Damage at Manufacturing Facilities

If a workshop or manufacturing floor is part of your facility, you're no stranger to industrial dangers. Dust and debris get everywhere, and, of course, there's the general commotion to consider.

All it takes is an errant forklift to smack a clock off the wall, eating up valuable maintenance time. Guards will keep your clocks and equipment safe while helping your operation run efficiently.

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Don't Forget the Hallways

You may overlook protecting your hallway clocks, yet think of the bustling facilities that are filled with teeming, at times, chaotic hallways. That means a lot of bodies, swinging limbs, and possibly energetic youth looking to test their leaping abilities by trying to reach the highest object possible, your clock.

Don't take chances. Ensure your clock is protected in this highly trafficked area by covering it.

Covering more than clocks

Your clock systems aren't the only investment you should protect. Other valuable pieces of equipment might include:

  • Thermostats
  • Fire alarms
  • WiFi routers
  • Speakers
  • Bells
  • Lights
  • Signage
  • Motors

We carry products to protect all the components you're responsible for maintaining no matter how often you need to access the clocks, their shape, size, and what environment they're located in. If a particular guard isn't the right fit, spacers could be the solution or take advantage of our custom guard builder.

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