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Now Announcing: Clock School 2015!

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Jun 9, 2015 7:42:00 PM

Every summer, business professionals from around the Midwest travel to American Time’s manufacturing facility in Dassel, Minn. for Clock School. This free, one-day event is hosted by our friendly staff and covers the major aspects of central timekeeping systems and newer technologies, like wireless clock systems, Wi-Fi and Power over Ethernet network clocks. 

This year’s clock school sessions are schedule for June 25 and July 23. Want to learn more? Click here to sign up and read below for an inside look at clock school graduate Marv Connelly’s experience.

Clock School July 2012 1

*Photo features Clock School 2012 graduating class.

American Time: Why did you sign up for clock school?​
Marv Connelly: I simply wanted to learn more about the clock business.

How would you describe the experience?

Everything about clock school was very positive. The class was extremely well run by the American Time staff and a tremendous amount of material was covered.

What was your favorite thing about your time in Dassel?
I think it’d be a tie between the plant tour and meeting the American Time team. I had no idea that the manufacturing side behind the business was so large. With companies that actually make things in-house disappearing from the landscape, it was a great thing to see. The American Time staff was so gracious and helpful. 

What key things did you learn?
I learned a great deal about newer technology being used with clock systems and how each can save companies time, money and hassle.

Who would you recommend clock school to?
Myself, for one. I intend to get back there again. In addition to that I think it would greatly benefit school system and hospital maintenance personnel. Even if their involvement with the clock system is limited having a bit of background could do nothing but be helpful.

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