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Do You Sell Hinged Guards? Yes, We Do!

Posted by Ronda Anderson on Nov 17, 2015 2:18:17 PM

Here is a customer question taken directly from our website Contact Us form.

I am looking at part # G2008-web. I know the protection comes from a firm mounting to the wall, but my customer has to occasionally change the schedule in their programmable thermostat. Do you a hinged model that can be secured to the wall and still protect the thermostat from basketballs etc.

Well, as a matter of fact we do. This application can be handled in a few ways.

Our universal hinge kit turns most wire guards into hinged wire guards. This is for those situations where you don't need to lock someone out of the equipment underneath. 

The STI9110 is a hinged polycarbonate guard with a keylock made specifically to cover themostats.

Depending on any sort of hinged door for the thermostat, an open face guard like the G2371-W might work. The customer specifically mentioned protecting the thermostat from basketballs. The open face is large enough for access, but small enough to protect your equipment. 

Thanks so much for the questions. Keep them coming! I lf you would like to ask the Clock Experts a question for this blog, simply email me at randerson@atsclock.com.

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