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Are Your Assets Covered? Three Ways Protective Guards Can Help

Posted by Tom Nelson on Dec 9, 2015 3:04:58 PM


Is your internet router in a place that can be bumped by people in the office? Do you see students jump up to slap that exit sign above the door?

Protective guards are a simple, inexpensive and easy way to protect your infrastructure investments from damage and tampering, but many organizations fail to take the step to ensure that the equipment they just purchased is safeguarded. 

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Some of the most common pieces of equipment that should be protected include bells, clocks, lights, signage, speakers, Wi-Fi access points, thermostats and motors.  

Our latest white paper discusses the three most valuable ways that wire guards help protect your investments and ensure their longevity. Learn how to choose the guard that’s right for you or build your own! 
Go here to download the free white paper, “Are your assets covered? Three reasons to protect them with protective guards.”

Download our protective wire guards white paper

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